Gotham S03E02 Review : “Burn the Witch”

Sigh. After last week’s episode, I actually let myself think Gotham could be better this season. Well, we don’t always get what we want. Gotham’s Police Department still have inefficient uniforms that continue to target  monsters with guns which has never worked for them, even with Lucious Fox consulting or working with them you’d think he could help them with some weapons that work. Penguin is looking like he’s running for mayor, I know he always has goons for support but now he has an angry mob (who literally burned the witches) and even press time.


And. despite Penguin’s rally he couldn’t bring himself to end Fish Money, so we should be seeing her again, not that killing characters on the show stops them from coming back to life. Speaking of people dying, I don’t get why the older Ivy turned to a murderer. Now, she’s just adding to Selena’s evil friends list. I hope they don’t drag her presence on the show as I find both the younger and older Ivy uninteresting. Cheers to another boring Gotham episode. Till next week then!

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