Quantico S02E01 Review “Kudove”

Different timelines, untrustworthy classmates and terror attacks, yes, Quantico is back! And even though it has a similar premise like the first season it feels like it should be called Quantico 2.0, because everything seems upgraded. Even the new ‘Miranda and Liam’ aka Lydia and Owen make the previous instructors look like elementary school teachers with their insane class rules and exercises.

The new Liam and Miranda

Alex and Ryan are back to bickering, I don’t see them making it through the whole season as a couple. I foresee them breaking up and getting back together but you never know they seem stronger now. Anyway, new mission with new classmates, the only thing I’m sure of is that this season will be dark and deadlier than the last after all they’re training for a clandestine unit.

Great start for a new season but does this mean Alex will join another agency’s training school in season 3? (I’ll worry about that next year) Till next week then!


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