The Blacklist S04e01 Review: “Esteban”

 ‘Esteban’ felt like it should be titled ‘Alexander Kirk V Raymond Reddington: Part 1’. Everyone is angry with Liz for faking her death, except Ressler of course because he’s in love with her. Raymond is painstakingly searching for Liz and is leaving body parts and lots of bodies mainly because he’s mad at Kaplan for lying to him. Liz is being held by her ‘father’ who is promising he’s the lesser evil.

If Liz had to choose a father figure who would it be? Raymond Reddington: Who loves her for reasons unknown to us but will always be there to protect her and will also put targets on her back. Or Alexander Kirk who tried to kidnap her at her wedding while she was pregnant (I don’t need to remind you there were lots of guns involved). In addition, he kidnapped her, her husband and baby claiming no harm but tried to kill her husband. I know fathers can be protective but how will he gain Elizabeth’s trust by killing the father of her child and separating her from her baby. Anyway the good part is we can now wonder more about how Liz and Red are connected and if Kirk is really her father.

So now that we’ve met Kirk who is the lesser evil? In conclusion the season’s first episode was not disappointing at all. I can’t wait for next week!

P.S: Baby Agnes is so adorable


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