[Spoiler Alert!] Empire S03E01 “Light in Darkness” Review

The Lyon Empire is off to a good start. ‘Light in the Darkness’ gave everything one expects in the show; family drama on an intense level. Although I was extremely disappointed about Rhonda’s death, even though I expected it; between Anika and Rhonda, Anika’s  character has more to offer the show (and by more I mean irritation) as she’s the one who got married to her baby daddy’s father.  Poor Andre, he’s probably the person with the best soul on the show. I mean he had lots of options after he watched Rhonda fall. He could have strangled Anika (like he wanted to), pushed her, left her to bleed on the balcony or dragged her on the floor to the hospital.

Shooting this scene must have been weird for the real life couple

Lucious, Lucious, Lucious!  He is definitely the MVP of this episode, he hits new lows every time. This week we see him threatening a woman while in labor (not that I care, Anika deserves every bit of misfortune that comes her way). Additionally, he puts his name on his granddaughter’s birth certificate; apparently he now steals babies too.


In summary, this was a good way to start the season, they undeniably hit the ground running. Till next week then!

P.S: This is what happens when you insult Ms Cookie Lyon in front of her boys.



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