[Spoiler Alert!] Blindspot S02E02″Heavy Fiery Knot” Review

Jane is back in therapy and the team is back to solving the tattoos…yes things are back to normal on Blindspot. Unfortunately it seems repetitious especially since it is the same as last season.  As usual Kurt Weller is going through personal issues. And I hope he and Jane don’t spend this season being hot and cold for each other. They ought to stay friends or behave like acquaintances even though Jane is lonely.  She should just spend the time working on herself because she obviously hasn’t decided which side she’s on.

Tasha is coming off as a hypocrite for calling out Jane. Has she forgotten she informed on her team because she needed the money for her gambling problem. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Plus didn’t she say just last week that she misses solving the tattoos or had she forgotten they came with Jane as well. One mystery I’d like to see unfold is Miss N.S.A. The team just trusted her immediately and I’d just want to find out what skeletons she’s hiding.


Bombshell of the episode: Baby Weller!!



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