How to Get Away with Murder S03E01: “We’re Good People Now” Review

[Spoiler Alert!!!]

I have to say I am pleased with ‘We’re Good People Now’. I relished the fact that there were flashbacks as opposed to the regular flash-forwards. Plus the cliffhanger they left us with is not ‘someone was murdered and a student might have done it’. Though I am the students are involved, they can’t be good people for long. So who died? And who burnt Annalise’s house. It could be anyone except Frank since almost everyone hates him right now. So I’m thinking Nate because he and Annalise are together now, or one of the kids or Bonnie. Hmm… who will it be we’d just have to tick them off the list as the episodes go by, at least there are only 15 episodes per season.


Till next week then!

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