Gotham S03E01:”Mad City: Better to Reign in Hell” Review

Annd…the dark city of Gotham has returned with crazier and creepier people.  At least the Mad City theme should be better than the Wrath of the Villains. How is this season going to go for Jim Gordon, Bruce Wayne, Selena, Penguin and the villains based on last night’s episode?

Jim Gordon is mad at the world and is done trying to be a righteous man. He will probably spend the season bitterly fixing and breaking things (including his surviving relationships) and also rescuing young Master Wayne. For me Bruce Wayne will be the life of the season. Simply because I am curious about his ‘twin’ and he always gets himself in trouble. Oh and also because he is Batman in the making.

batman inspiration.gif

Selena is the girl that is addicted to the street and will never choose to make her life better or different. She will undoubtedly spend this season making the wrong friends because she always claims to need the money and will always choose to steal rather than take the money Bruce offers. As for Penguin and the other villains, they’re job description won’t change much; terrorize themselves and the city. That’s how I feel this season will go. What are you excited about this season? Take a look at the promo for next week’s show.

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