Blindspot “In Night So Ransomed Rogue” Review

“Jane’s new mission: Whose side is she on?”

From the first episode, it’s safe to say that Jane’s mission isn’t going to go well. She has three sides to choose from with so many variables involved. Firstly, she has the F.B.I’s side. Is she ready to betray the team or her beloved Kurt again? She and Kurt have a complicated relationship I don’t understand. Plus the most confusing part is, I don’t think Kurt has decided whether to be forgiving, trusting, understanding or angry as he’s all of them at once. Maybe he’ll decide in the next episode.

Secondly, does she go with Shepard and her brother (May I point out that I am very happy with the new faces this season). After all she doesn’t have all the facts and doesn’t remember a lot of things about her past. What if Shepard’s plan sounds good to her (highly unlikely though).

Thirdly, she might just choose herself. Both the government and her “family” are using her and I hope she puts herself first for once anyway. As it will take the team a lot of time to forgive her and definitely the mole is going to cause much trouble I hope. I am definitely looking forward to the next episode and expect there’ll be a lot of action, betrayal and manipulation. Till next week then!



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