[Spoiler Alert!] Suits “Shake the Trees” Review

I have tried to keep the spoilers to a minimum so don’t be afraid to read this if you haven’t watched it yet.

Mike’s Seventh Day…

I have mixed feelings about this episode. I can’t say it was as good as “Spain” but it probably had the best Donna moment ever. It is almost as if the writers have forgotten about her. I wish the writers will devote more time to Rachel’s case instead of Harvey and Cahill’s case because the on and off friendship between them is losing its luster.


I will try and not complain again about Mike being the prisoner that gets it all and focus on how Sutter doesn’t suspect Harvey isn’t really on his side. I mean the man is supposed to know about everything in the game and I don’t think Harvey and Cahill are fooling anyone. So, is Sutter going to find out his lawyer is not his lawyer or will someone else find out the shady details and blackmail them? I wonder which story-line will be more appealing. Anyway, I’m still hoping the producers can give us more. Who would have thought that Rachel’s work and Louis could be the most entertaining things on Suits?

Till next week then. Take a look at next week’s episode trailer below!


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