[Spoilers!!] Suits S06e02: “Accounts Payable”


Okay, so my personal title for this episode is: Episode 2- Mike’s second day in prison. Let us begin….


It seems as if Pearson Specter Litt gets more legal action now that Mike is in prison, or is it because they have no employees which makes the named partners do all the running around themselves. Well, they just have to weather the storm. Is it just me or are Rachel and Harvey getting too close…Hmm! No more comments, I want to see where this goes (if it goes anywhere).


Has anyone else noticed that Harvey has stopped going for therapy. Well it is still soon to tell and he has been pretty busy. I enjoyed the first episode more though. And I can’t wait to watch the next episode because I want to see how Mike copes in prison. So…not bad for a show about a fraud and Suits. Till the next episode then.


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