[Spoilers!!] Suits S06E01: “To Trouble”

So Suits is back!


Honestly, this is my best television series; simply because I don’t have to wait so many months for the new season to start after the previous season. Anyway let’s get back to this episode. Mike is in prison and I am wondering what the writers have in store for us!


You have to hand it to suits writers they know how to make confusion look very dramatic, even though I’m not sure if the writers were confused about how to handle the “ Mike prison-time phase” or the characters (Louis, Jessica and Harvey) were the confused ones. However, we get to see how some “professionals” handle stress and I won’t advice anyone to use this method in an interview.


Amidst all the confusion, Mike learns his first lesson in prison. I can’t wait to see where this goes.


There wasn’t a dull moment in this episode, even if things were moving extremely slow, there was an eye popping moment in the end. Till the next episode then!


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