[Spoilers] Person of Interest s05e13 Review: “Return 0”



For those of us who didn’t give up on P.O.I…I present the series finale!

I know I’ve been ranting about how glad I was that the series was ending, however, now that it’s officially over I actually have mixed feelings. I will miss Harold and John. Let’s back to this episode!

First of all you know things are extremely bad if Harold Finch is holding a gun and ready to use it.


This was a truly emotional episode. John said a “manly” I care to Fusco, I don’t remember Shaw saying “take care” to anyone, but we all know she feels things differently. And honestly, I’m not disappointed about how she avenged Root’s death I mean that guy was just selfish, he never cared about the consequences of his actions.


Back to the subtle “I love yous.” and “goodbyes”  John and Harold…the most emotional of them all. I have to say it was well written. It brought back memories of the machine telling John where to shoot, like the original team (John, Harold and the machine) and Root being the voice of the machine helped us to see Root in a better light. The writers made the right choice to give the machine Root’s voice. I think I’ll watch the first season again because I am sad John didn’t make it.


So there we have it.  Even though I had to drag myself to watch this season, there were a few good episodes including this.


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