[Spoilers] Person of Interest s05e10 Review: “The Day the World Went Away”

Major Spoilers ahead! Proceed at your own volition!!! You have been warned!

I know i said the last episode was my best this season. Well, that was until I watched this episode. I didn’t even feel sleepy while watching it.
In this episode we saw the departure of not one but two characters that I’ve grown to love (3 if you count Harold changing his strategy). I had barely gotten over the fact that Elias was truly gone and will not be coming back but then Root! I was completely speechless even though I expected it with all her talk about everyone being simulations. The team won’t take it very well…
On the other hand I actually can’t wait to see the next episode, the people involved with writing this episode should keep on writing. For the first time this season I feel like a satisfied customer and not just a loyal one.

So before Root left she discussed with Harold about not naming the machine. And I  thought to myself “it took them 5 season to air that out” I hope she names herself soon..do you think the name will be “Root”?


I am also concerned that Harold has lost it and I am not even sure he knows about Root yet. More things to look out for in the next episode. At least there’s a chance they might win the war but at what cost? I am still sad about Root and patiently waiting for the next episode. Till next week then.



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