Month: June 2016

[Spoilers] Person of Interest s05e11 Review : “Synecdoche”

Just when I thought P.O.I was getting interesting again, I got sucked into another boring episode. I know John and Shaw are a bit crazy but it’s almost as if they weren’t too sad about Root. When  Carter died they were both visible angry. Granted they’re busy with the Samaritan war…It would have been nice if they were visibly sad though.

Fusco, John and Shaw try to save an interesting target while Harold is enjoying conversation with the machine as well as threatening people without a gun. We should understand what he’s planning soon enough as we’re two episodes away from the finale.


Apparently the machine has other assets. And the writers made us believe she was weak all through this season. Good to know she has a lot of fight left in her. This moment made me feel like there may be a spin off after P.O.I…but if there were to be a spin off, won’t it be a bad idea and a complete replica of this series? Anyway till next week then.