[Spoilers] The Catch Season Finale Review : “The Wedding “


So quickly we’ve come to the end of the season. Will this series be better of it had more episodes or will the writers fill up the extra episodes with rubbish? The catch isn’t one of the best series out there neither is it the worst but I feel this series has potential to be interesting if it could move beyond what Benjamin did to Alice.

For me this was the second best episode, following only the pilot as in between the writers were basically  perambulating. This episode revealed a best friend vs boyfriend show down…okay almost. Honestly I don’t blame Val for not trusting Ben as people’s judgment waver when they’re in love. But I’d like to see those two go toe to toe.


It seems Dao has fallen in love with Val or has started liking Benjamin as he seems to have forgotten that Reese may have killed his ex or so. Granted he was occupied throughout out this episode.  I also enjoyed Alice out smarting Reese. It even made me like Reese. He’s like that little brother that always causes trouble. I even forgot that he kills people.


Moving on Alice gets arrested. I was so excited when that happened. I thought “season 2 will definitely be better than season 1 since she’ll be imprisoned ” Until her knight in shining armour came to confess. Either way I’d like to see what happens next. I’ll have to wait till next season then. This series just makes me miss white collar.



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