[Spoilers] Arrow Season Finale Review: “Schism”


Another season of Arrow. I can’t believe it has been four seasons already. A lot of things have changed since the first season. I mean Tommy and Laurel are gone. Oliver almost got married! My favourite season will probably season 1 or 3. However Felicity and Oliver gave it a chance, Oliver found out he’s a father not mention the Flash and Arrow crossovers. So what’s not to love about this season!

For me, Curtis was really the star of this episode. From coming up with ideas to prevent disasters and providing Oliver the motivation he needed to continue. I hope we’ll be seeing more of his character especially since the team is seriously incomplete. He should be able to provide a bit of humour as Felicity isn’t as funny anymore.


I have been hoping for Felicity and Oliver to work out their relationship issues but it seems clear that they wouldn’t be getting back together anytime soon. The writers could have given them a longer relationship. On the other hand I can’t wait for the writer to introduce a temporary love interest for Oliver so Felicity can be jealous! (Forgive my pettiness)


Damien’s reason to kill everyone on earth sounds truly unreasonable. How does killing his daughter a better fate than growing up without a mother? Are his parenting skills that terrible? Anyway he’s insane so maybe the writers can try to get away with that. But i did find the angry mob entertaining. How come there are so many people living in star city?


As always the day is saved unfortunately without any hint about what to expect next season. We’ll just have to wait. I’m guessing Oliver will be different than he was this season.


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