[Spoilers] The Flash Season Finale Review: “The Race of his Life”

To start with, I wish I could write Zoom a letter saying ” Dear Zoom, I really think you need a healthy hobby and social life. Forcing girls to love you or killing someone’s parent will not help them to become your friend.  And even if your insane plan works, who will you talk to with that grouchy voice- From a concerned citizen.


Can you remember Barry’s intervention! That was funny but I think Cisco’s betrayal hurt him more than Iris. Even though your girls betrayal that’s meant to hurt more.


Anyway, Barry and Iris are supposed to be together together…well we might have to wait for a while before they go on a real date. I am always rooting for Barry and Iris but it feels like he has a deeper connection with Caitlin than Iris. To me Iris is like the girl he has always wanted but couldn’t have and now that they can actually be together I don’t see any romance. Did the writers make us wait too long or am I the only one that feels that way? Anyway, with the way things ended this season anything is possible at this point!


As The Flash is one of my favourite tv shows I have no regrets I watch this show. I can say there was no moment in the season this season that was a bore. I mean we had another earth, doppelgangers, a lot of time travelling, Wells as a father and Cisco moments. So now I’ll be waiting anxiously till the next time we see Barry, Cisco, Joe, Wally and even Wells. Please come back soon. So what was your favourite moment this season? Leave your comments below


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