[Spoilers ] Person of Interest s05e08 Review: “Reassortment”


“Reassortment” was definitely a personal favorite. As usual Samaritan is behind all the bad things happening. She has moved from using weapons to diseases. This episode succeeded in making me paranoid about getting vaccinated.
Anyway one good thing was that Harold’s machine had a minor win. Which got me thinking; are the writers going to give the machine a strong win at the end? Because I am doubting she can win any battle against Samaritan as the machine is not whole yet.

Shaw is still trapped but this episode’s simulation was exciting compared to the others because it reminded me of prison break. And how is Shaw still somewhat sane with all the mind simulations? I don’t even know which one is actually happening anymore. I will be extremely glad when she’s free. Samaritan as an antagonist feels like a mosquito buzzing around when one just wants to relax which is simply a nuisance.


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