[Spoilers] The Originals Season Finale Review: “The Bloody Crown”

It is truly amazing that the originals spent the whole season trying to avert a curse that didn’t take place until the season finale. Nonetheless, it has been an intriguing season. As boring as Lucien and Aurora were, for me what made this season worth it was watching the Mikaelsons handle enemies that could cause fatal harm to them,  and of course watching Klaus and Elijah exchange decision making tactics. So…back to this episode.

First of all, you know something bad is going to happen if they’re showing Klaus holding his baby. I can’t remember the last time Klaus carried Hope, usually his love and care for her is usually depicted by him killing people or threatening people but no judgment there, we parent our kids the best we can.


About these numerous vampires that came to watch the fall of Klaus. Don’t they have anything better to do than act as an angry mob. You’d think they’d have killed themselves if they didn’t want to live anymore but I guess it always easier to blame “parents” for your unhappiness. As for Marcel, I feel the trial was a bit hypocritical of him. Sometimes it’s like the writers feel the only people that do evil to others are the Mikaelsons as I am sure Marcel has killed countless people unjustly. Anyway, good thing he’s more forgiving that his father figure who killed both his fathers.

14mzso (1).gif

Before I forget, it’s always nice to see Rebeka even if it is for a short while. And I look forward to a Vincent versus Marcel showdown (Like or comment below if you’d like to see that). I’ll be waiting to see what the original producers have in store for us. Till next season!



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