[Spoilers] The Blacklist Season Finale Review: “Alexander Kirk Conclusion”


[Major Spoilers ahead, Proceed cautiously!]

At this point I think the Blacklist writers are purposely trying to drive me crazy. But before I start ranting about this episode, I must say I really enjoyed this season. It went from exciting to boring and then back to exciting. For me this has been the best season so far and I hope they can keep producing exciting episodes.

Donald tries to stop Red from committing murder. He is really brave for even attempting to stop one murder out of the many Red would have been involved with. Red is truly a brilliant negotiator.


Kate betrays Reddington! Okay, relax it’s not what you think. In her defense, she was protecting those Red loves so we’re angry with her but we’ll forgive her, not sure about Reddington though.


So Liz is alive. Yay! However her “father” hired lots of people to kidnap her while she was heavily pregnant and also to kill any of her friends and the father of her child if they got in the way. Hmm…definitely not the best dad in the world. As always I’m left with more questions than answers. Why is her dad just showing up? How is Red connected to Liz? The writers will probably force the connection again like they did with Liz’s new parent. On the other hand I may not have a reason to watch the show once that mystery is solved.

Till the next season then!


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