[Spoilers] Legends of Tomorrow Season Finale: “Legendary”


At last the season finale! When I reflect on the merry go round trip this season has been, I think to myself “this should have been a movie” considering the way it ended. However, the team wouldn’t have worked so well together recalling all this mishaps they’ve experienced. Nevertheless, it was a good episode as they left me curious enough to look forward to the new season. This might mainly have to do with the arrival of Patrick J. Adams (a.k.a Mike on Suits) as Rex Tyler who is supposed to be Hourman in the comics. So what does mean for the legends. Anyway I can’t wait to see what role he’ll be playing.


Back to the main part. As usual the writers have come up with a bizarre plan to handle Savage and even though I tried my best to see the logic behind it, I’m not going to pretend I understand it. All I know is that it doesn’t make sense to me.  The Plan: Savage is going to do something with the meteorite stone in 3 places, at the same time but in different time periods.  The Expected Result: This will return the current timeline to 1700BC so he can control the earth. What actually happened: The legends won of course. My questions and comments: If Savage always had a time machine why didn’t he go back in time to control the world a long time ago? If he always wanted to be in control why didn’t he just seize it instead of hiding behind powerful figures? How will 3 alien stones take time back thousands of years? And of course, how did he feel acting the part where he had to be beaten up 3 different times in one episode?


I hope in the next season it won’t be just one villain all through. Till the next season then which will commence in October.



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