[Spoilers] Person of Interest So5e05: “ShotSeeker”


The team is back to saving people again but as usual Samaritan is behind the disappearances and murders. Doesn’t she have anything better to do. An old friend of Elias is seeking vengeance and resorts to kidnapping Reese. On the other hand Elias is alive! Good to see P.O.I still has some of our favorite characters. (P.S: John is always looking tired these days)


Harold puts a piece of the machine on the playground with Samaritan. The machine is so not doing well.I almost feel bad for the machine, she couldn’t even win one match. Anyway she’s not perfect.


Meanwhile, Fusco is searching for the truth. Harold and John should just come clean as they’re only putting him in more danger.


In summary, this was almost a normal episode for P.O.I, perhaps things will pick up towards the end of the season. Till next week then.


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