[Spoilers] Empire Season Finale Review: “Past is Prologue”



I stared open mouthed at my screen when this episode was over. My happiest moment was when Rhonda punched Anika. I just wish she had been strategic about her accusations. Have you noticed Anika is always getting in to cat fights, from Cookie to Rhonda, who will she fight next? She has a lot of street in her for someone who likes to appear polished. Honestly she was the most annoying person this episode. I mean she even ‘almost’ committed suicide, but I just feel she was looking for attention. Do you think they’ll ever get rid of her character? If the writers won’t they could at least put her in prison, asylum or a cave in a forgotten place, just for a few episodes.



Leah always has secrets to tell as its how it actually happened vs how Luscious tells it. I’m beginning to like Leah. She’s like the grandma that gets you out of trouble.


And lastly, the main jaw dropping event this season. Rhonda against Anika in a very unsafe environment. Whoever fell may not be making it alive. Who do you think fell off? I think it was Rhonda, the scream sounded like Rhonda. However I hope it was Anika! But it feels like the writers like Anika’s character a little too much. I mean she’s gotten all she ever wanted from the Lyons.


It has been a great season. Even though the writers left the interesting parts to the second half of the season, it was extremely entertaining. From emerging relatives to murdering babies to Cookie and Lucious always flirting and the particularly awkward wedding of Lucious and Anika. I truly can’t wait for the new season this September.




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