[Spoilers] Arrow S04E22 Review: “Lost in the Flood”


“Lost in the Flood” wasn’t one of Arrow’s best. However the highlight of it  was Felicity’s family drama. I’m surprised she didn’t turn out crazy with her parents. I love Donna but she’s just too jealous Felicity has her father’s skills. She needs accept that its okay for her daughter to have ‘two’ parents and that everyone lies.


It’s like family drama was a theme this week. Merlin drugged Thea again. Well that’s not new neither will it be last time. Also Thea’s “son” allows this complicated family to fight on the same side for a few minutes, he also ‘handles’ Mrs Darhk.  Who knew he’s character could achieve much objectives with little time and resources. I officially like Lonnie/Anarky. Well until he kills the wrong person I suppose.


So Damien Darhk has an enhanced evil plan! That means team Arrow is ready for a season Finale. Please, please be way better than this episode. I don’t want to be disappointed. Check out the finale trailer below.



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