[Spoilers] The Flash S02E22: “Invicible”

This episode was so riveting! I am so glad I watch this series. Barry is behaving so optimistic making the team worried. Well who can blame him he just experienced a thrilling out of body experience. Nevertheless, I like optimistic Barry, he’s so smooth with the ladies.


Wally is trying to be a hero without a back up plan. I wish they’d just tell him  Barry’s secret and let him help. That has be to better than him going to stop metahumans and criminals without a weapon all by himself. On the other hand we get to see a Joe and Barry moment. They are truly father and son.


Team flash are used to coming up with the silliest plans and most of them if not all don’t go as planned. But Cisco and Caitlin pretending to be their doppelgangers was just amusing as they’re nothing like them. And when will Cisco learn how to use his powers. His powers are so cool when will the writers explore that?


Speaking of powers, how can Zoom open potals? What other powers does he have apart from being fast, scaring and murdering people. Zoom is so lonely and he thinks making Barry like him will solve that problem. You’d think he’d give up on looking for friends after Caitlin.


Finally, Wally knows who the Flash is! I can’t wait for the next episode I’m just so sad that it will be the season finale and also about the loss of Henry. He was a cool dad and I also liked that Barry had 3 father figures that didn’t agree with one another. Till next week then. Check out the new trailer below.

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