[Spoilers] Gotham S02e21: “A Legion of Horribles”



Strange is enjoying his reanimation experiment. Say hello to the newly reanimated Fish Mooney (we didn’t see much of her but it seems Arkham ensures that their subjects are made up and look their best even if they are dead). I don’t know what his plans are but he doesn’t have complete control over all his experiments. Maybe we’ll see in the next episode.


Jim, Lucious and Bruce devise a plan to rescue Selena fromĀ Strange’s clutches, however their plan didn’t go so well. Good plans can go bad at times


The happiest person in this episode was Harvey. He’s beginning to enjoy being acting captain. Who say you can’t enjoy some power.


The smartest person in this week’s episode:



And the bravest young master Bruce. He made me believe he could actually take on Hugo Strange…maybe when he’s a little older. But he’s growing into a fine young man. Even Strange has a little soft spot for him.


Over all it wasn’t bad although it felt like very little happened. I can’t wait for this season to end so we can hopefully begin a new phase the Rise and Wrath of the Villains took too long. Check out the trailer of the season finale below



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