[Spoilers] Quantico Season Finale: “Yes”



Now that the writers have decided the voice is Liam they spent the episode telling us why and how. To be honest it just feels like they changed Liam’s character to fill an antagonist’s shoes. How can someone just hide all that hate for over a year with no one noticing. Plus he’s not even smart or agile enough to have carried out the plan alone.


Anyway moving on to the complicated relationship of Alex Parrish and Ryan Booth. I do hope we can move on from Alex being scared of relationships in season 2 because I am tired of watching the same argument between Ryan and Alex which takes place every other episode.



I still have this feeling there is another “voice” out there. Oh! I almost forgot about Claire Haas being the accomplice or stakeholder (she really looks like an ice queen). I feel bad for Caleb, he has to handle his ex having an affair with his father and his mother being involved in his father’s death. I really like Caleb’s character and I hope he and Shelby can mend fences.


When I started watching this series, I started questioning if they’d have stories for the next season as it was centered around the FBI training school but the writers leave us a hint of what will happen in the next season. However I still have many more questions. Will Alex blindly join the CIA: She doesn’t even know anything about the guy, or will she choose Ryan who is waiting for her, or are the writers just giving us hope that they have a story for the next season because if they’re just going to make everyone a suspect like they did this season I’ll probably just wait for the season finale of the next season. Okay enough hating, it wasn’t all bad I hope they’ll make the next season better. So till next the next season then! It is soo far away.





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