[Spoilers] The Originals Review: “Give’em Hell Kid”

Can you guys remember this guy below. Do you think he’ll be the new Matt of the show (the human with no powers but is mixed up with the supernatural and only gets hurt)


So everyone is mourning Davina their own way and we see Josh step on in his reasoning as the ‘older’ ones think becoming a monster or controlling everyone is the best way to maintain peace in a community.As for ancestors I think they were an efficient choice for villains. The production team didn’t have to cast any actors or actresses, or create a deep and twisted reason for revenge. They just had to do wind and light effects most of the time oh! and lay out candles. Well they gave me a reason to remember Davina tolerable way. I hope she haunts them in the underworld.


For some reason I thought this was the season finale when I was watching this episode. Maybe because Elijah killed Marcellus. At that point I thought “are the writers cleaning house. First Cami, then Davina and Marcel” then again, Marcel can’t die as this is not a Shonda Rhimes show. So Marcel will be the ultimate villain this season this has to be better than him crying from grief all through this episode. It is always nice to see Marcel taking on the originals. (another way to efficiently use antagonist resources)


I can’t wait to see the season finale. Check out the trailer below! Till next week!


One thought on “[Spoilers] The Originals Review: “Give’em Hell Kid”

  1. I was gutted about davina … and then marcel oh my days .. He defo will be back that’s for sure .. They have sort of made the prophecy come true themselves. I know marcel was not listening but they could have tried a little harder but thats just me lol

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