[Spoilers] The Vampire Diaries Season Finale Review: “Gods & Monsters”

Honestly, this season finale was very anticlimactic for a TVD season. I just felt like another episode in the middle of the season. Damon almost resorted to kidnapping Alaric’s 3 year olds but that plan was stopped by little bro Stefan. Stefan should start calling himself Damon’s big brother.


I know Caroline isn’t selfish but it sounded like she was trying to persuade Alaric that she was going to use the girls to help Bonnie and not her. But she didn’t have to try so hard as he’s in love with her.


So Damon came through and saved Bonbon. What I don’t get is why didn’t he use he’s vampire speed to get out of there. Instead he called everyone like they didn’t know he was successful already. On the good side we get to find out what happened to him and what was in the vault in the next season. I just hope I won’t be disappointed as I somehow feel the writers will use the remaining part of the summer to come up with a story for the vault.


While everyone was safe and worried about Damon and Enzo they all conveniently forgot about Matt who was almost dying in the woods, however they still managed to write to Elena during that time. Maybe Matt won’t hate vamps so much if his friends showed up for him once in a while. Till next season then!





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