[Spoilers] The Catch s01e08 Review: “The Package”


Alice and Valerie really take on a lot of pro bono work. This time we find out Sophie used to be an artist, cool.


Alice isn’t the only one that lies to her friends, Valerie lied about her relationship with Dao.Well what is a friendship without a few lies.


Alice is spilling her guts so fast for someone that doesn’t trust people. Does therapy work this fast. I was expecting Alice to omit a lot of things but she’s so open with her “Therapist”. I hope she finds out soon as this can’t be good for the investigation. Isn’t she supposed to leave the investigation out of the therapy room.


Margo really has a complicated family. She stole from her brother and he’s goint to tell mummy on her.


Benji finally chooses a side. Yay! I hope they don’t get other people killed. It was nice to see Alice sticking to a decision instead of her fluctuating between hating Benji, stealing from Benji and being bad with Benji.


Tilll next week! Check out the next episode trailer below.



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