[Spoilers] The Blacklist S03E22 Review: “Alexander Kirk”


Good news! The Blacklist may not be boring without Elizabeth Keen after all. The FBI and Tom have to work with the team directly involved with Liz’s death to catch the man who ordered the hit… this can’t be good. Anyway, Tom didn’t shoot Solomon until he had to. I am proud of him and I am glad he did. Mr Solomon is just too cocky, hope we won’t be seeing him for a while.



More importantly, Tom has parents. For some reason I just assumed he just appeared on earth. At least he knows where he came from, he defiantly  has a lot in common with his parents. And now blacklist has added Tom to the parental mystery list since Liz won’t be a priority anymore. But dear writers, we would still like to know who Liz’s parents are and how Reddington fits in the picture. Speaking of Red, I didn’t see him much in this episode, hope we’ll see more of him in the next one.


Baby Agnes is like the light of the show to me. She is so adorable and still brings everyone together like her mom did even if Reddington is in the shadows. Till next week then.






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