[Spoilers] Scandal Season Finale Review: “That’s My Girl”


The Scandal characters are back to their habits. Elizabeth is trying to manipulate David again, Mellie and Fitz are back to arguing and Cyrus is considering killing a husband again all without adding the campaign drama! However, Eli is the main winner in this episode. Eli Pope! He’s one proud father in this show. I mean he raised his daughter to be better than him. Olivia pretends to be normal but all she wants is power and you won’t notice its what she wants unless you focus. And she became worse after she was kidnapped.I just wish she’d chose to be happy.


Poor Jake he’s moved from the frying pan into fire or is it fire to the frying pan. I hope he can get away. I feel like we need new characters in Scandal.  Jake is Liv’s ex who is Mellie’s running mate. Liv is Mellie’s campaign manager who was Mellie’s ex hubby’s mistress. Let’s not forget Jake and Fitz are somewhat friends. That is just a complicated network of relationships.


It has been a good season even though I can’t remember exactly when it started. But I remember Fitz and Mellie finally getting a divorce, Fitz and Liv giving their relationship a clean chance. Liz as a housewife/first lady (Best moment ever!). It was a great season then. Plus I’m really entertained by the election plot. I can’t wait for the next season to  reveal more scandals and who’ll win the election. The main consolation is the new season may or should start in July.  Till next season then.


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