[Spoilers] Legends of Tomorrow s01e15 Review:”Destiny”

The writers finally gave us a break from the time travelling and achieving nothing. On the other hand I had trouble understanding some “time” concepts as it just seemed bizarre to me. Apparently the time masters have been controlling time and everyone’s decisions. Technically speaking I don’t see how that is possible as controlling just one person can be very unpredictable compared to the whole world. Plus if the time masters are helping Vandal Savage in order for him to save the world in the future, what world will there be in that future as Savage would have destroyed most of it. This “Oculus” stuff is simply unbelievable. Was this episode just another angle of stalling!


It seems we said goodbye to Snart. I’ll really miss his character. No offence to the others but watching to many goody two-shoes will make a boring show for us as they don’t have many things going on in the show. At least we got to see Snart flirt before he left.


After taking a break from the usual time travelling, Savage decides to go back in time to cause more trouble. I’m actually glad the season is ending. Till next week then.


See next week’s episode trailer below.


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