[Spoilers] Scandal s05e20 Review: “Trump Card”


Sorry this is a week late. This episode wasn’t without its crazy moments. David somehow proposed to Susan.


Abby is so effective in Susan’s campaign that I forget that Elisabeth is actually Susan’s campaign manger. It’s like Elisabeth’s purpose is coming to an end or the writers don’t have anything for her since she’s done manipulating Susan and David. Eli gives Abby dirt on Liv. I just feel sorry for Abby because Eli will definitely ask or take something in return. Liv was pregnant huh!. I can’t really see Liv as a mom. She is so selfish but a child may just change Olivia Pope someday but she might do a lot of damage.



The way Eli Pope is running Edison, I feel so bad for him. I think he almost cried, well I would have ran out in tears if I were in his shoes.


Mellie was the main winner in this episode, even man wise. I must say I prefer this version of Mellie than the bitter one that was saddled to Fitz.




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