[Spoilers] Empire S02E17 Review:”Rise by Sin”


Wow! One word I’d use to describe this episode is “JUICY!” I’ll start with Laura feeling her career is never going to be big in the music industry. Do you think the writers will transform her character into a feisty star? I would like to see that. Other than that I don’t see Laura and Hakeem making it down the isle except the manage to sort out all the various issues as he doesn’t even believe in her.


Jamal’s in-the-closet stud wants to produce his next album. It just looks like the dude is manipulating him. I wonder what he’s really up to as he treats Jamal horribly whenever other people are around. I can’t wait for his character to leave.


Lucious pours his anger and sadness of his mother’s presence on Jamal. I feel sorry for them both it is just a continuous circle of emotional abuse from one generation to the other. Well that is why the series still continues, what is empire without pulling a family member down.



You know, I’m beginning to like Lucious’s mother. She’s so manipulative mostly towards Andre as he’s the only one that really likes her. She is really selfish and a great pretender. Her finest moment was the last scene of the episode. I can’t wait to see what hell she plans to raise.



Freda finds about her dad’s murder and goes crazy. She would do good in an action movie.


I enjoyed every minute of this episode, I can’t wait for the next. I just wish Rhonda had an evil revenge plan because just keeping quiet is making me angry. Check out next week’s trailer below.



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