[Spoilers] Arrow S04E21 Review: “Monument Point”

This episode was not as fascinating as some previous episodes as the writers are setting the premise for the season finale and had so many characters  to juggle. Like these two villains I had totally forgotten about.


At least I saw Thea trying to talk Anarky out of doing bad things which was a bit foreign because I remember Thea always trying to find herself or struggling to do the right thing. Good to see that fighting alongside Olly isn’t about secretly hurting people.


Felicity finally loses her job! I have nothing but love for Felicity but she had to have seen this coming. She spends more time working with Oliver than at work while she was CEO so who was running the company during her absence. I’m just surprised it didn’t happen sooner.


Having met Felicity’s parents I realize she’s more like them than she will ever admit. How wouldn’t she end up talking a lot with both of her parents. I hope we see more of them.


I feel the writers robbed us of an awkward moment when Noah, Captain Lance and Felicity were in the same car. Or do the men not know about Felicity’s mum dating Lance. I’ll just have to wait for that one then.


Anyway I still got to hear Lyla call Oliver and Diggle’s outfits “Halloween costumes”.


Till next week then. Check out the trailer for next week’s episode below!




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