[Spoilers] The Flash s02e21 Review: “The Runaway Dinosaur”


Hurrah! Barry got his powers back! I didn’t realize that Barry always felt so lost without his mother. He’s always focused on saving other people he needed time to sort out his emotions. Well now we know why the future Barry told season 1 Barry not to save his mom. I love how we can watch Barry develop so it is not as if his character is unrealistic.


It looks like Iris gets her man. I am happy for her. She didn’t have to work too hard compared to Barry. So what is next for these two?


Jay gives Caitlin an ultimatum, will she choose to stay with him or go back to Star Labs. Good luck Caitlin because either way she’s in trouble.


I’m pretty sure Wally will soon find out Joe and Iris’s secret. They just expect him to hide in his room all the time. My funniest moments in this episode were when Joe thought Wally was a speedster (well every dad wants a powerful son) and Cisco’s version of “welcome back Barry.”



Till next week then, I can’t wait check out the trailer below.




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