[Spoilers] Person of Interest S05e02 Review: “SNAFU”

Things are starting to look up in P.O.I. Harry, John and Root have managed to get the machine running but not without a little SNAFU. She even hired an assassin to kill John (lol).


The machine must feel so lost and confused. It seems like this new season is trying to emphasize the machines humanity, I am beginning to see her as a child or a loving pet that truly cares. I am not sure Harold made the right choice crippling the machine as it is almost like he’s reteaching the machine when she would have been developing. And now repairing the damage to their bond may not work so well. Besides I can’t really tell the direction this season is going just yet. I just hope I end up enjoying it as there is so much to discover. Hmm…I hope machines don’t end up taking over the world we really depend on technology a lot.


Anyway, can you remember when they were all mimicking each other!





And Bear is so adorable. She is practically a member of their team.


Till the next episode then!



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