[Spoilers] Person of Interest S05e01 Review: “B.S.O.D”

P.O.I has finally returned from their hiatus and sadly this will be last season. Last season ended with Harold, John and Root trying to escape from Samaritan with The Machine in a box. Which is what happened most of this episode. I will be very delighted when Samaritan is destroyed or taken down. For me the Samaritan story line disrupted the natural order of P.O.I even though I understand why the production team would think that another A.I should lighten things up in the series. I must say it would be nice to give the machine a name. She feels so human and I feel so bad Harold decided to do a memory wipe every night.


So the team might have managed to get the machine back on. But do you think she’ll be evil now? Till the next episode.



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