[Spoilers] Gotham S02e20 Review: “Unleashed”

This show is so dark, it probably means the entire team involved with the production of Gotham are doing their jobs right. How do people still live in that city?  Hugo Strange is so formidable (even from the sound of his voice) that Nigma is trying  to escape.


Honestly Bruce just wants to get himself killed and Selena loves him to much  and life threatening missions. They need to start being cautious. Speaking of, is Selena dead or stuck in Strange’s basement. I really feel bad for her because I’m beginning to think this Strange dude not human and beyond evil.


Who is darker between the Dumas and Hugo Strange?. I’m just happy that Azrael/Theo Galavan won’t be coming back this time.  Except Strange can reverse the ashes.


For me this was the best wrath of villains episode it even had moments that made me jump, I was genuinely afraid Bruce would die and they’d have to resurrect him like Strange now does apparently.


This made be laugh because I felt Jim should have been aiming for his head instead of his chest area or was it because Theo survived the last head shot.


And I questioned the series time line again because the Wayne’s still have this kind of telephone at home. I can’t remember the last time I used the word telephone it feels foreign.


Well, till next week then. For those who miss Fish Mooney check out the trailer below.









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