[Spoilers] Quantico s01e21 Review: “Right”


It appears that all that happens with the NATs is about their friendships being on the rocks and Alex’s personal life; either about her men or father. Hmm…almost sounds like daddy issues. Moving on, with the way Shelby and Alex argue it’s hard to believe their close friends because to me they don’t even like each other that much. They are probably more like sisters (always in your hair but you love them).


Speaking of sisters the Amin twins had a heart to heart when Raina wasn’t sure of being an agent. I still feel Nimah manipulated Raina into staying though after all blood is thicker than water.


Just when I thought we had gone through all the main cast being suspects they add two more. The writers must have calculated how many characters they needed and shared the suspects per episode. This week we had Miranda take over from Drew as the face of the voice and it turns out that Liam is now the voice! He looked a bit insane by the way. He was watching everyone and everywhere! Maybe we’ll have more details next week. At this point, I’m not sure if there’ll be another “voice” next week so I’m just going to wait quietly.



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