[Spoilers]The OriginalsS03E20 Review: “Where Nothing Stays Buried”


Really Davina doesn’t stay dead in the originals but before I go into that, lets talk about Klaus’s new found humanity. I’m starting to believe Cami was was the best thing that happened to him. He seemed considerate of the repercussions of his choices in this episode, I wonder how long that will last however the Mikaelsons are hardly villains in this series. Finally Lucien is dead! Yay!! I thought I’d have to wait for the season finale to see that. Maybe the writers knew he was an annoying character. Goodbye Lucien, I won’t miss you. He’s defeat seemed quite simple except for Freya and Elijah’s betrayal.


So… Davina was brought back from the dead temporarily only for Freya and Elijah to use her to defeat Lucien. And now her soul doesn’t existing anymore. Do you think what the ancestors did to her was punishment for all the evil she has done to other people (I can’t remember them right now). Anyway it just feels like all these happened to create another set of enemies since Lucien isn’t as scary as he should have been with all his powers. So do you think Marcel will take the serum and avenge Davina’s demise. Whether he takes it or not another enemy will still come after Marcel deals with them.


Do you think Davina is gone or will she resurface again when they need her. And what will happen with the ancestors? Will they be going back to their controlling behaviour or are we going to pretend like they never happened? Till next week then.




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