[Spoilers] The Catch S01E07 Review: “The Ringer”

Are Valerie and Alice running a business or charity? It appears that every dirty client they have they bring to justice or screw them over. So how do they pay their bills as most of their clients have done unethical and illegal things. They’re obviously not getting a very high amount of recommendations in reality.


Alice is trying to save Benjamin (Christopher) from the crime syndicate and is working with Dao and Valerie (without playing both sides).  But what is interesting is Margot is posing as Alice’s therapist. This should be very interesting, telling your enemy all the secrets they need to bring you down and get away from you. Will she be conned again because it just similar to the con Christopher played (sleeping with the enemy to gain information). How long do you think it’ll take Alice to pull the pieces together this time? For the first time I can’t wait for the next episode. Till next week!



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