[Spoilers] The Blacklist S03e21 Review:”Susan Hargrave”

This was the first episode with real action after Liz’s death and I have to say I’m impressed that it didn’t feel like they were incomplete. But I have to ask, as this plot is based around finding the people who played a part in Liz’s death what will happen when those ones have been brought to justice or killed by Reddington? What will be next? I hope they are transitioning so it won’t feel like a sudden unacceptable change. Moving on, who is this Alexander Kirk guy? Is he Liz’s father? As usual The Blacklist leaves us with more questions. It hasn’t been this fun since Red and Liz were fugitives. On the plus side we got to hear Scottie’s story,


and Tom gave Aram relationship advice. I like Tom more now than ever. Grieve can bring out the best in people sometimes. Till next week!



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