[Spoilers]Empire S02E16: “The Lyon Who Cried Wolf”



I am going to begin with the good things that happened. Jamal has a new fling! I wish him luck. I heard a song in this season that I like completely because it felt original.


Rhonda finally figured out she was pushed *grinning* better still she figured out it was Anika *HAPPY DANCE*. I thought I’d have to wait for another season for that. What will she do to Anika, will she take her baby from her as well. I hope her revenge is sweet *evil laughter*.


Hakeem looks like he’s having second thoughts on marriage righter here.


I foresee FBI troubles for the Lyons in the near future. Besides what is a Lyon without any legal issues. I can’t wait to see where this leads.


Finally the “Lucious” who cried wolf. Lucious’s mom is a very frightening old lady. She made him cry and look very scared all in one episode. Who is going to rescue him from her. Lucious you have met your superior. No wonder he is not a great father his mom did a lot of damage. I doubt this is the kind of father Andre will be. Mama Lucious seems more than Bipolar… well I am no doctor. Who do you think will rescue Lucious?  Till next week!




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