[Spoilers] The Flash S02E20: “Rupture”

I haven’t enjoyed a flash episode like “Rupture” for a while now, maybe because the last episode felt like Barry finding himself without his powers but this brought a wide smile to my face. I’ll start with Cisco finding the upside to Barry having no powers; he got to play a real like game on the streets of Central City.*Oh and Barry got regular people exercise*


Earth 2 Wells becomes the positive person in the group as he was the main voice behind Barry  getting his powers back. I was used to him being the pessimistic team member. Also I have just noticed Barry has three dads or father figure in his life. And they all want the same thing (for him to be happy) and different things for Barry (Wells want him to get his powers back and his dad doesn’t want him to get his powers back).


I really think Jay is insane for thinking Caitlin will start to love hurting people. Oh well, a guy can hope.  And why does he do that creepy voice thing? Its not to hide his identity definitely to scare people more.


Just when I see Zoom and Jay as the same person and decide Zoom isn’t that scary after all Zoom proves he has no conscience or love for humanity. That’s the only way snapping people’s necks can be easy.


The parents (Wells and Joe) lock their kids in a safe room.



Iris tells Barry about her feelings. Aha Iris! tables are turned. Don’t worry you won’t have to wait as long as he did. Annnd… the best moments for me were the fringe looking scene and the Harry Potter moments. I really like Cisco even with his nerdiness. He is the funniest character.



For those that really think Barry is gone. Don’t worry he won’t be gone for long. Check out the trailer for the next episode.


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