[Spoilers] Gotham S02E19 Review: Wrath of the Villains “Azrael”



I have to say this week’s episode wasn’t as bad as i thought. It is probably because Theo Galavan doesn’t remember exactly who he is and Prof Strange used that opportunity to tailor Galavan’s mind to fit his bidding which is to kill Gordon.


“Azrael” dresses up in a very silly armor and goes hunting.


So although the armor looks silly one good thing about is bullets can’t get through but GCPD continue shooting at Azreal.


One sad thing though, I knew the captain was going to die when he stared at the barricaded door doing noting but waiting. He was such a good Captain he didn’t even give up Gordon when Azrael asked for him unlike that time in season 1 someone was after Gordon and every one left the station. But how does Gotham still have cops if most of them end up getting murdered in a terrible manner.


Everyone knows Galavan is alive now, Bruce knows who killed his parents. What is next! Till next week then.



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