[Spoiler] Quantico S01E20 Review: “Drive”

Firstly let’s talk about the training timeline. I have just realized Alex is completely confused about the man she likes or loves. After ratting Perales out because of his condition, in this episode she’s flirting with Ryan. She didn’t even wallow in sadness for a tiny little while.


Secondly, I think Nimah did something unspeakable in order to save her and Raina’s career in the bureau. She seems so sad and won’t tell her sister.


So over to the best part of the episode. Perales is back as the voice unmasked! Sadly if I might add, I was very contented when he left in the last episode. I said last week the voice may be Ryan or Perales and this week Perales accused Ryan of being the voice. Well the suspense is over after suspecting all the main characters or was anyone left out? Except it will it be another person next week. As these things are possible in Quantico. But if Alex was cleared of the first bombing, how can they explain her involvement in the second, even though their insinuating she has been broken. It almost seems the pieces where forced to fit. Additionally, what will happen in the second season?


3 thoughts on “[Spoiler] Quantico S01E20 Review: “Drive”

  1. I just wish Ryan would have found out Alex didn’t do it .. she didn’t explain it well enough they just sort of started punching each other .. and then she runs off in his car so he’s probs like .. she is the bomber 😦 .. cant wait for the next ep lets see how she gets out of this one.

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