[Spoilers] The Originals S03E19 Review: “No More Heartbreaks”

I know I said last week I didn’t think Cami would die. I was very wrong…Even though she was a bit exasperating after she turned into a vampire, I will  miss her character. I thought she’d be the Matt Donovan of the originals, you know the one that has no powers and doesn’t do anything interesting but is still alive. I’ll miss how they were protective of her even though her friends hated each other.


I am certainly not enjoying this ancestor story. How do they even exist or have that much power. They are practically involved in every evil and impossible thing happening in New Orleans. I can’t wait for the next enemy after the ancestors.They are just like the wind making commands as there is no physical person just a bunch of angry spirits who shouldn’t exist. Speaking of, they have forced Kohl to kill Davina. Truth be told I am tired of Davina and I was happier when her character died because of the sacrifice thing. But did they have to kill her in such a horrible way. Ok, I only think it is horrible because I was sad about Cami’s death. Is she dead for real or will she be back? Till next week!


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