[Spoilers]Legends of Tomorrow S01E13 Review: “Leviathan”

Just when I think the show can’t get any worse it does. So the “Legends” manage to come up with a plan that works and Kendra makes a silly decision. She can’t kill Savage because he found a new Carter and blocked his mind. This what I think: This isn’t her Carter, I know she loves all her Carters but when he dies, won’t he reincarnate again and when she dies, won’t they be together eventually. And since she isn’t alive in his time line, he gets to live a normal life. In addition, Savage is not going to unblock his mind or he’ll unblock it and kill him. So in conclusion, this is the writers wasting our time. Please…re-branding will be a great and fun solution. Think of the various places in time you could go without running away from people or robots.


Speaking of robots, this scene made me so happy, it felt like I was playing a game.At least this robot can do it’s job efficiently.*it probably was a video game *


Till next week, although I wish it was just 13 episodes per season.


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